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The Maine Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians is helping to support emergency clinicians in Maine who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 epidemic. Remember, following the state and federal travel and social distancing advisories is one of the BEST ways to help! For those who want to do more, here are some ways that you can contribute to MEACEP and state efforts.  

Provide Clinical Assistance

The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine states: “In response to the challenges presented by the novel COVID-19 virus, the Governor has issued an Executive Order that allows the Board to expedite the licensure of certain healthcare providers who want to provide services related to COVID-19 during the period of the emergency. These include:

  • Allowing the expedited licensure (at no cost) of qualified retired physicians and physician assistants to provide assistance for the duration of the emergency (COVID-19 Emergency Application PDF); and
  • Allowing the expedited licensure (at no cost) of qualified physicians and physician assistants licensed in other jurisdictions to provide assistance for the duration of the emergency(COVID-19 Emergency Application PDF).

In addition, the Governor’s Executive Order allows the Board to extend current expiration dates (including CME) and suspends the requirement of supervision or collaboration for physician assistants for the duration of the emergency.”

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Show Your Support on Social Media

The simple act of changing your social media profile picture can send a powerful message to clinicians on the front lines. Download one of the icons below or print the flyer to display on the door or window of your home. When you do, tag us (#maineacep) so our members know you are thinking of them.

Show Your Love  |  Save Lives  |  Clinician Flyer  |  Individual Flyer



The best way you can help clinicians is to respect the current advisories, practice social distancing, and stay well! For those who want to do more, the State of Maine website is coordinating relief efforts.

  • Register to Volunteer – Volunteer your medical experience. To meet immediate health care needs, those with medical or public health experience or backgrounds are asked to register to volunteer.
  • Donate Blood – There is an urgent need for blood. Call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit
  • Contribute Medical Supplies – If you wish to help Maine government purchase critical medical supplies, please use this form: COVID-19 purchase form

Hand Sewn Masks

If you or an organization would like to donate hand sewn masks, we are asking that you use this pocket pattern: Download Face Mask Pattern If you have already sewn masks that do not follow the pocket mask pattern, we will accept those as well. Please contact Cathy Stratton ( to make donations.