MEACEP Chapter Leadership

MEACEP Board of Directors:

MEACEP President

Andrew Ehrhard, MD, FACEP

MEACEP Vice President

Sheldon Stevenson, DO, FACEP

Secretary / Treasurer

David Stuchiner, MD, FACEP

Immediate-Past President

Nathan Donaldson, DO, FACEP

MEACEP Councillors:

Garreth Debiegun, MD, FACEP

Tom Dancoes, DO, FACEP

Jay Mullen, MD, FACEP

Alternate Councillors:

Nathan Donaldson, MD, FACEP

Andrew Ehrhard, MD, FACEPĀ 

Brandon Giberson, DO, FACEP

Kelly Meehan-Coussee, MD

Laurel Parker, MD, FACEP

Jessica Stevens, MD, MPH

Maine EMS Medical Directions and Practices Board Representative:

Kelly Meehan-Coussee, MD

Executive Director

Cathryn R. Stratton, CAE