ACEP Monkeypox Field Guide

The Field Guide on Monkeypox focuses on identifying patients, the logistics of gathering and submitting samples, and self protection/decontamination after exposure.

Low Barrier Access to Buprenorphine in Maine Emergency Departments

Thank you to our presenters – Lisa Letourneau, MD, MPH, Gordon Smith, JD, Eric Haram, LADC and Alane O’Connor, DNP

2-2022 Webinar Materials – View Recording 

Maine ACEP Prescription Drug Abuse Tool Box

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Medical Control Course

There are two methods to choose from in order to complete the online Medical Control Course below.

Method #1   The course consists of four modules. Click each link below to review the modules in order. Make sure to watch each PowerPoint in the slide show mode to hear the sound. Then you can take the test.  Method #2   You can also follow the MaineHealth link to the program and accompanying test. Click Here, then Join QuantiaMD.


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